Half way through my honors year at UTS, we have developed a pre-collection by this point which may or may not carry through into the final graduate collection. It seems there’s no better time to share some of the work I’ve developed and the progress thus far. Here’s some examples of my months of sweat and blood (which mind you, is not an exaggeration) for your viewing pleasures.

Firstly let me introduce you to one of the insanely backless toiles.

The aesthetic of the collection so far has a strong focus on shape, my personal favourite fashion design element.

Here is a sketch of another look which I didn’t delve into, but some elements will be seen within the collection.

My favourite look, and the post popular by far, I call it the hyperbole hood, and the back(less) of it!

The following is what I call the organic top, as you can see the elements from above have been salvaged. Next to it is my pride and joy (which ironically I will also be removing from the collection in order to keep my designs cohesive) This is a layered laser cut design.


The top from eariler, realised as a final toile. Oh hello, myself pretending to be a fashion blogger in Mr Hyperbole hood.

The Singularity Effect Photo

Sci-fi inspired pre-collection illustrations.

A3 back to back colour-1

That’s all you are getting for now, enjoy!

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