How do you answer the following question?


“Where would you like to work?”


Currently completing my Fashion and Textiles Design degree, I generally get stumped when posed with such a question, finding it difficult not to respond with another question. How do I clarify this? There’s two possible ways to approach this, I doubt most people could give you a straight answer.

Where would I realistically like to apply and hope for a job?

Where would I idealistically like to work without obstacles or travel, experience or any of that real life stuff getting in my way?


As part of my Professional Practice subject, we are required to research companies which we are interested in working for upon graduation. Given the vague brief I took it upon myself to interpret this how I please, with some realism and some ambition, and no intention to follow up either way. An area which I have had an interest in for some time is the alternative fashion industry.

Steampunk and other alternative influences are somewhat echoed throughout my earlier design work, visible in the examples below. Keeping this in mind, my research was short and rushed, but here it is.

Gothic Fashion Range

Gothic Fashion Range


 In This Skin

In This Skin


Two alternative brands which I would be interested in working for, both however are located interstate. The first is alternative footwear label Hades Footwear, with a similar target market to the international New Rock Footwear label. I thought, still being within the clothing area, this should satisfy what’s required of me. The company advertises any available job opportunities on their website, including retailers within various states, which is handy enough to satisfy my need for convenience and realistic opportunity. If you are reading this and share my interest in alternative fashion, then it’s worth checking out their website.

The second online retailer I was interested in was Omkara Earth & Space Wear, which stocks a variety of organic and futuristic clothing, something similar to the market I’m looking at for my graduate collection The Singularity Effect.

So simply put; where do you want to work?


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